Every day doors open at 6.30pm. The first concert starts an hour after the opening. Concerts schedule will be displayed on the lineup page and shared on the social networks once known, a couple of days before the festival.


A cloakroom is available inside the festival during the opening hours. An object deposit cost CHF 2.-

Food & drinks

There’s no food inside the festival, only sandwiches sold at the bars, in the limit of the available stock. All the cups used for the drinks are consigned and cost CHF 2.- each. They can be returned to every bar during the whole festival.

Sound level

The festival do its best to respect the law regarding spectator hearing protection. The competent authorities are running controls during all the concerts. During some shows and depending on where you stand, the sound level can reach 100 decibels. An extended exposure to this level can cause lesions to your eardrums. We highly encouraged you to use ear pads. Those are available for free at the entrance, cloakroom and all the bars.

Disabled access

People in wheelchair or with reduced mobility pay a normal ticket. If they go with an attendant, this person doesn’t need a ticket and can access the festival for free. Disabled access is done through an alternate entry, on the Route de Genève, which is on the same floor as the concert hall. For any special inquiry, please contact us at least 72 hours before at We’ll let the concert hall crew know about your needs and do our best to please you.


A health post, at the Route de Genève level, is at your disposal for any health issue during the festival. The staff is composed of trained volunteers and/or samaritans. They have all the required material to treat you.


In accordance to the law about the smoking in public areas (LIFLP), it is totally prohibited to smoke anywhere inside the festival, including the hall, the stairs, the lobby, the floors. The management will do its best to please all its visitors. A smoking area is available outside the building at the Route de Genève level.

Personal gear

Every visitor is responsible of its own gear, bag, jacket and valuable objects. The management decline all responsibilities in case of loss or theft of objects that were not dropped at the deposit. Any object that would be found after the concerts can be retrieved at the Fondation Métropole ( After two weeks, all objects that were not requested will be handled to the “Bureau des objets trouvés” of Lausanne.